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Placing bets on opposite outcome in order to minimize losses. A term in hockey, which is a combination of moneyline and pointspread. This bet is often about the champion of a particular organization. All betting terms explained with links to articles on the specific topics. Vigorish – Also the same thing as the commission that must be paid to the house on buy bets, lay bets and other types of bets. True Odds – This is the actual probability odds of rolling a number.

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This ensures the same profit regardless of which bet wins, obviously provided one of the backed competitors/teams does win the event. This kind of strategy is usually used in horse race betting but can also be applied to soccer outright bets where a bettor can cover several teams and still win a nice profit. A bettor believes the home team will win in a match between Chelsea and Tottenham.

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System bets are usually placed at longer odds and backed by big stakes so as to ensure nice profit even if a bettor has several losing selections. Popular system bets include Trixie, Yankee, Canadian, Heinz and Lucky 15, as well as different variations of the aforementioned bets. The process of calculating possible returns is not so difficult, but bettors may need the help of a betting calculator with more complicated system bets. A type of betting that allows bettors to predict the outcome of a game or match, and then “back” their decision against the point spread of a bookmaker (also known as “Index Betting”). Also known as an “Accumulator”, “All Up” or “Multiples”, this is a bet on two or more teams or outcomes where the original stake and winnings are reinvested on the next wager.

Here the Cowboys are both the three-point favorites against the spread and the -170 favorites for winning straight up on the money line. Betters provide the rotation number of the team they are betting on and the desired amount. However, bettors often wager on the underdog because they win more than they wagered. Here, the Redskins are +150 underdogs for winning the game. Book – Can have two meanings 1 – The total amount of money from all punters wagered on a specific event, selection or contestant. 2 – The size of a market offered by a bookmaker, e.g. a sportsbook would be all of the sports markets offered by a bookie, football book would be all the football bets offered, and so on.

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Two out of seven selections winning might not yield a return on 120 different bets, although getting three, four or five will see a bigger return. You only need one of your five selections in order to win on your Lucky 31 bet, although that is unlikely to yield a profit considering that it would mean thirty of your thirty-one bets would lose. Also known as Line Betting, The Spread, Points Betting, European or Asian Handicap. A Goliath bet is one of the biggest multiple sports bets you can place, with customers able to choose this monster that could see them win a huge return if all eight of their picks come in. When you bet each-way on a selection, you are betting on the selection to both win and place.

Fcs Football: Top 25 Power Poll Following Week 11 will keep periodic track of Clients’ account activity at all times and will supply reports summarizing this activity. The format, content and frequency of the reports may vary from time to time at our sole discretion. He lost a lot of money by betting on college football and basketball.

In all sports that apply to a certain playing time, the result after regular playing time ( informative post including injury/added time) is decisive. Any extra time or penalty shoot-outs etc. will have no influence on the settlement of any bets. Any exceptions will either be announced as they occur or are part of the special rules of the specific sport.

In this instance we see that Wozniacki is +1.5 sets at odds of 1.66. If you bet on Wozniacki at +1.5 sets, your bet is a winner so long as she wins the match or at the very least doesn’t lose by more than 1.5 sets. Think of it this way – no matter the outcome of the match, so long as Wozniacki is within 1.5 sets of winning the match, your bet is a winner.